Best Practice

Honesty Shop
School opened an Honesty Shop to check the students for the Honesty. The shop was inaugurated by Mr. A K Chaudhary GM (O&M) and Mr. Ravi Shankar Kaul HOD (HR). I am happy to share that 90% of the students were found to be honest.


Yoga is a valuable gift to India’s ancient tradition. It is a very good practice as it sustains stress and strain.  It adds to the physical fitness and mental peace of an individual.  Yoga classes is being conducted regularly for students and teachers.


School website and use of Integral Web School online software for declaration of Results and fee status

Project happiness and Community service

We collect money through activities under School Enterprise and  onate parts of collection to  Old Age home, Orphanage and Blind School.  As part of Project Happiness, the school has  adopted the village Karra near Sipat. Computer classes are conducted by the school students   to students of Karra Village.



Funtoot classes:

To make Maths fun and interesting Funtoot interactive classes are going on for I to VIII.


Extramarks  smart class      

Every class is equipped with smart class.


Robotics Lab

Robotics activities for concrete, contextualized, and provide immediate feedback

Activity / robotics based learning solutions

Students are encouraged towards Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)


School Enterprise

School enterprise for inculcating enterprising skills of students. Students set up their own enterprise during school functions which is used for charity work.


Cleanliness campaign

Imbibing human values is an integral part of education. The school has tried to inculcate in the students the necessity to keep their surroundings clean. The cleanliness campaign has sparked the inherent quality of a student to work together and this has helped the campaign to be highly successful. The kids have come up with interesting and innovative ideas to keep the environment clean.