Secretary Message


The primary duty of a school is to give direction to society and to channelize the energies of youth for productive and creative purposes. This has to be accomplished through education. Since every child is a fountainhead of potential, we at Bal Bharati Public School strive to produce leaders who will take on responsibility and have the courage to be instruments of change.
We nurture the creative spirit inherent in every child. A variety of facilities and opportunities are provided to our children so that they may hone their skills and maximize their potential.

Their ability to produce work of a superlative nature is what never ceases to amaze us. Our children are our strength and inspiration. They challenge us to give of our best and thereby enrich the learning experience at school.
This website will give you the basic information and impression of what goes to make the BBPS so special and distinctive in its character.
On completion of the schooling in Bal Bharati Public School, we trust we send into the world a well-rounded personality, compassionate and sensitive, imbued with a strong sense of self-worth, and confident to take on life’s challenges as he traverses the long and interesting road ahead.

Arvind Bhatia